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Improve your cold email response rates

Use Mailvin to automatically send predefined follow-up emails to your contacts so you shorten your task list, free up more time and drastically improve response rates.

Mailvin at a Glance with a Cold Emailing Example

1. Initial email

You still need to create the original email yourself. Focus a lot of effort on your subject line and make the body actionable and personal.

Send the email to your contact as usual, but add the Mailvin (template id) in bcc.

Mailvin Is For People Who Send Emails Outside their Inner Circle

For Startups

Reaching out to investors, trying to get media coverage or getting feedback from early clients are just a few of the things that typically start over email. Don't lose deals just because your email got burried in the stack.

For Sales

Selling anything over email is hard. It is too easy for people to just ignore your initiation for conversation. Remind prospects about your unique offer or the value they get from getting back in contact with you.

For Networking

Looking for a new job or trying to get in touch with some influential people? Be relentless and don't give up after just one email. Simply asking if they got your email after a few days can become the start of a new relationship.

Get People to Respond to Your Emails